Creativity + Speed.

When racing against a tight deadline, you need ideas and quick action to get across the finish line.

At Mach Five Design, we’re committed to this approach to develop superior user experience for myriad information design. With more than 20 years of professional work designing and directing digital + print products, and in partnership with a large network of skilled collaborators, see why this agency is the right choice to help produce your next project.

Our crew is geared to develop fast and efficient solutions — the work must be simple to use and elegant to experience.

Our team combines creative skills, deep research, and expertise in information design and data visualization to help organizations connect with users, create content-rich products, and build for scale and accessibility.

We take the lead to develop experiences that meld rich content and compelling visual narratives. As former journalists and data visualization designers, we are experienced storytellers who help clients surface the key content and keep users engaged. We work collaboratively to understand audience needs as we imagine a product on behalf of its community. And we believe strongly in building platforms that perform and scale for years after the initial launch.

We place a heavy emphasis on creating performance-driven, accessible products that serve users. Each experience is fully responsive so we can meet audiences in all locations. Our job is to focus on how we can make a platform an efficient tool for engaging users.

Content + Design + Development

Branding + content.

We research and analyze our partners’ markets to better understand how consumers view the product. We will explore your brand’s voice and tone, and collaboratively determine how those can be used to amplify your content and connect with users.

  • Data visualization and experience
  • Customer experience
  • Product copywriting
  • Product descriptions
  • Product definition
Digital + print design.

We work to understand your current problems, needs, and timeline drivers. We custom plan each project’s timeline and major milestones to ensure we deliver for your organization.

  • Presentation and report design
  • Visual design
  • Story and narrative design
  • Data design
  • Design systems
  • UX/UI design
  • Components and libraries
  • Templates and style guides
  • Marketing collateral
Mobile + web development.

We build platforms that perform and scale for years to come upon established open-source platforms, such as WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and React. We’re also adept at making integrations feel seamless for users and the staff who maintain the site.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript development
  • WordPress themes
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Data visualization development
  • Customized CMS integrations, including Newspack and others
And more.

We provide services across several disciplines — and we’re able to add new skills and teammates if your project might need something that is not on this list.